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Further Links - State of Brandenburg

State of Brandenburg  
Detailed country specific information and further links to the single State ministries

Ministry for Infrastructure and Regional Planning of the Federal State of Brandenburg 
Settlement of duties and responsibilities for urban development, residentials, transport, planning and construction, rural development, agriculture, forest and country planning.  

Ministry for Economy and Energy
Settlement of new companies in the State of Brandenburg, specific support of innovations, new technologies and media as well as the economy orientated infrastructure.

Landesamt für Bauen und Verkehr (LBV)         
Planning-, authorising-, regulating and supervisory duties in the public passenger road transport, the freight road transport as well as in the rail and inland water-way traffic.

Country Railway Inspectorate of Brandenburg  (LEA) 
LEA is the regulating and authorising agency for the not Federal-owned railways of the country.

IPG Infrastruktur und Planungsgesellschaft mbh 
Marketing and development of the Berlin freight villages and also service provider for the ministry of infrastructure and agriculture in the field of railway infrastructure. 

Freight Villages Brandenburg        
The Berlin Freight Villages located in Brandenburg connect all transport modes - railway - road - inland waterway.

Railway Companies located in Brandenburg         
Overview of authorised railway operating and railway infrastructure companies or companies who are owner of railway vehicles and who are authorised for the independent railway operation participation in the State of Brandenburg. 

LogisticsNet Berlin - Brandenburg      
The LogisticsNet was initiated to increase the international publicity of Berlin-Brandenburg as logistics location and as freight platform further. 

Verband Verkehr und Logistik Berlin und Brandenburg e. V. (VVL)
The VVL represents the interests of the forwarding agency and logistics trade in the region Berlin-Brandenburg.

Brandenburg Invest (WFBB)    
ZAB provides for companies settlement-, subsidy- and further financial counselling, location search as well as support for approval processes. 

Further Links - Nationwide

Allianz pro Schiene      
The Allianz pro Schiene is an Alliance for the promotion of environmentally friendly and safe rail transport. 

Railway Adresses 
Addresses based on an extensive database to the subjects railway and local public transport are available. 

Federal Network Agency Gas, Telecommunication, Postal and Railway Markets (BNetzA)   
The authority takes the supervision for the competition on the track and is responsible for the granting of a discrimination free access to the railway infrastructure. 

Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure     
The Federal Ministry is the investment department of the Federal Government for transportation and structural infrastructure projects of the Federation.

Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche GVZ-Gesellschaft  mbH (DGG)        
The DGG coordinates the supraregional cooperation of the individual GVZ locations in Germany. 

German Association of Transport Sciences        
The DVWG is the transport scientific organisation which picks up, discusses and publishes actively current and perspective transport questions. The association has the purpose to support the scientific transport research in all fields.

Federal Railway Authority (EBA)      
The Federal Railway Authority is the regulating and authorising agency for the railways of the Federation. 

Railway Operators, Infrastructure Companies certificated in the Federal State of Germany     
The Federal Railway Authority gives an overview of all in Germany authorised railway operators and railway infrastructure companies. 

Federal directive of rail sidings  
Link to the Federal directive of rail sidings.

Overview how to realise a rail siding and how to apply for subsidies.  

Cooperation exchange for Freight Traffic (VDV)      
The "Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen" (Association of German Transport Companies - VDV) is the organisation for Germany's public transport companies and rail freight transport companies.