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Intermodal Node Information System of the Federal State of Brandenburg

The Intermodal Node Information System (INIS) provides an overview and detailed information about locations
which are of logistics relevance in the Federal State of Brandenburg

A search funtion with filter criteria about

and spatial localized are provided to search for specific locations, which meet your logistics requirements.

The information platform is published by the Ministry for Infrastructure and Regional Planing of the Federal State of Brandenburg in cooperation with the IPG mbH, to increase the transparency and the attractiveness of the transport modes rail and waterway and to push forward the shift of traffic to the sustainable transport modes.  

The homepage is fed by the IZB infrastructure data base of the Federal State of Brandenburg, which provides detailed information about railway infrastructure, passenger stations, about all existing rail sidings of railway transport and about ports and business areas.

If you have noticed that the data you have entered is no longer up-to-date, you are welcome to report the data.